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Alfred Dubucand

Bronze Sculptor 1828 - 1894

Alfred Dubucand was born in Paris, France in 1828 and was a spectacular animalier sculptor of his time; producing extremely well modelled groups of animals and equestrian subjects. Alfred studied art under mentors and at school from where he developed his skills and technique to crafting the fine detail which can be seen in his work. Under the teaching of Lequien, it set him up on his way to be able to learn the skills he needed to become a better sculptor.

He proceeded to then become a student of the master Antoine Louis Barye which pushed his skills and knowledge even further. Due to this, his casts had an immaculate finish and detail to them and proceeded to craft many more bronze statues. Some of his bronze statues were patinated so they had a multi-coloured style which became favoured by Antoine. These special bronzes may have been casted in his teachers own studio.

Alfred designed and crafter his bronze sculptures to capture every detail to make the subject look almost alive. He paid close attention to detail and had the ability to capture movement of his subjects rather than crafting a frozen portrait. This set him far apart from many of the other animalier that were in school.

After a long period of time, he made his first exhibition in the Paris Salon in 1867 where he exhibited a wax model of a Dead Pheasant. He continued exhibiting his pieces of work at the annual Salons which brought a lot of success to his name until 1883. Throughout these years, he initially submitted a wax model and after they were successful, would resubmit them the following year, but casted in bronze. Alfred was fascinated by the people and animals of North Africa which is where he got a lot of inspiration from for his bronzes. He proceeded to capture many scenes of wild and domestic animals from the area which become his masterpieces. From animals to people, Alfred was interested in the people of North Africa as well so he crafted detailed portraits of the African nomads that he met along his journeys.

However, his journeys and his detailed bronzes stopped in 1894 where he passed away.

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