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Charles Valton

Bronze Sculptor 1851 - 1918

Charles Valton was born in Pau, France in 1851 from where he studied the craft under two spectacular sculptors. Antoine Louis Barye and Emmanuel Fremiet became his two tutors that guided him in his learning. Doing this enabled Charles to learn the two techniques and finest points of both masters so he could perfect his own masterpieces. Antoine taught Charles the importance and technique behind the detail and definition of his subjects. This would allow him to craft highly detailed and realistic pieces while capturing the living motion of the subject hes recreating. Emmanuel taught Charles sensitively and the ability to capture or protect his subjects natural state. This would then be shown in his pieces of work. 

After years of training, Charles reached the age of fifteen and then spent most of his time at the Jardin des Plantes. He spent his time here with his two masters Antoine and Emmanuel as they were both directors of that famous zoological garden. He was able to research and learn further skills and extend his knowledge of the subjects he would then pursue in recreating.

Charles exhibited over seventy models at the Paris Salon from 1868 until 1914 which won his several medals. The bronze sculptures which he created showed the skills his masters had taught him over the years of teaching as he showed detail in his work, but sensitivity. After exhibiting these vast amount of sculptures, Charles went on to becoming a Professor of sculpture at the Germain Pilon School in 1883 and in 1906, he received the Cross of the Legion d'Honneur. The main bronze sculptures he was known for were of the big cats and he was also known for using a range of materials in his sculptures to provide different effects. This was shown in one of his works where he used white marble to depict snow.

Unfortunately, Charles creativity came to an end when he passed away in 1918. If you would like to have your own version of Charles masterpieces, have a look through our catalogue where you'll see our own range of bronze sculptures.