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Harry Jackson

Bronze Sculptor 1924 - 2011

An American sculptor named Harry Jackson had a rather different life compared to most other famous sculptors. He was born in Chicago in an urban environment, but with his surroundings, it built a base for his interest in the animal world which was reflected in his future work. Harry had a father who was a part of the horse artillery in the first world war and he often visited the 124th Filed Artillery armoury that was near their home. Unfortunately, his father abandoned him and his mother so she had to run a cafe in order to be able to support herself and Harry. From here, Harry was able to get close sights on cattle and horses from where he was able to learn their characteristics and movements; creating many drawings of these animals at the age of five.

From this, his great aunt had noticed his skill and enrolled Harry into the weekly children's class of the Chicago Art Institute. From this Harry became almost obsessed with the Wild West, but while most of the other youngsters would be more contempt with Wild West novels; Harry would often visit the Harding Museum where famous paintings and bronzes are preserved by Remington. One of the large pieces that Harry had completed wasn't made out of bronze, but was made out of over 3,000 toy soldiers where he remodelled and painted a whole study of the British Indian Army.

He spent a period of his life, after running away from home, working at cattle ranches. This was for over four years until 1942 where he enlisted for the US Marine Corps and he had saw active service in the Pacific and in Europe. At the age of 20, he was appointed the youngest official Combat Artist with the American forces.

After this he went to a lot of places and visited many museums, creating sketches and writing notes that would further influence his work. He completed many paintings, including two of his most famous paintings that he created in 1957. These paintings he created were further inspiration for his own bronze sculptures that he crafted. In 1964, he established his own foundry near his own studio and this lead to the creation of his future bronze sculptures which had immaculate detail.

Unfortunately, after creating many bronze sculptures and large masterpieces; it came to an end following his death in 2011. If you would like to receive your own spectacular bronze sculptures, please feel free to look through our catalogue today.