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Jane Le Soudier

Bronze Sculptor, 1885 - 1976

Jane Le Soudier was born in Paris in 1885 and was one of the few female bronze sculptors of her time. Working primarily as an Animalier sculptor, she mainly sculpted domestic animals like dogs, cats, sheep and cattle. However, one of her more famous sculptures was that of a large group of two roosters facing each other with a clock set into the rocky base.

Perhaps her most famous piece is that of a wolf alertly watching. Sculpted with a rough technique that is impressionistic, yet realistic at the same time, this bronze sculpture has a rich brown and green patina and was cast by the Le Blanc Barbedienne Foundry in Paris. It even has their seal on its base. This stunning bronze sculpture was highly appreciated for its attention to detail and was a rare model from one of the perhaps lesser known Animalier sculptors of the time.

Well modelled, her work was cast by many of the leading foundries of the early 20th Century before she sadly passed away in 1976.