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Jules Moigniez

Bronze Sculptor 1835 - 1894

Born in 1835 in Senlis, France, Jules Moigniez was a french animalier sculptor and mainly worked using bronze rather than plaster or marble. Jules was best known for the range of bronze sculptures he created which were of birds and his ability, skill and versatility in this craft also enabled him to create magnificent horse sculptures, dog sculptures and hunting scenes. The bird sculptures however were exquisite and were amongst the finest of that time.

Jules was a son of a metal gilder and his father bought a foundry to be able to cast his son's bronze sculptures. Most sculptors would have to go through the process of purchasing their own foundry and would have to try to pay this overall cost off. Fortunately for Jules, he didn't have to worry about making such payment due to his father aiding him in his growth and learning of the sculpturing arts. After this, he furthered his studies in bronze sculptures under the influence of Paul Comolera (who himself was a student of Francois Rude). It is speculated that Jules fascination to bird sculptures is relative to the fact Paul was a bird specialist himself.

Throughout his forty year sculpting career, he had managed to exhibit thirty pieces at the Paris Salon between 1855 to 1892. His first submission into a major art exhibition was made out of plaster and was named, 'Pointer Stopping at a Pheasant'. This was shown at the Exposition Universelle of 1855. Being it his plaster or bronze sculptures, he was known for the fine detail and chiseling of his sculptures ensuring that they looked as close to the real thing as possible. When creating a bronze sculpture, he often used the lost wax method of casting which in turn created sculptures that were always immaculately chased and patinated. The many sculptures that he made were mostly sold throughout the United Kingdom as they were favourited in England and Scotland, but by the end of the 19th century, he had become a popular sculptor in the United States as well.

The creation of these masterpieces unfortunately ground to a halt following his death in 1894. We have a wide range of sculptures in stock which can be seen in our catalogue. Buy bronze sculptures from us today and we will deliver it directly to your door.