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Lorenzo di Cione Ghiberti

Bronze Sculptor 1378 - 1455

Lorenzo di Cione Ghiberti was a son of a goldsmith, born in Pelago, near Florence, Italy in 1378. From his birth, Lorenzo would become one of the most influential artists and sculptor of the early Renaissance. His first commission was at the age of 23 so he was set up for great success. The work that Lorenzo created was often done through multi-tasking as he would do multiple things at the same time while producing the numerous bronze statues he created. He is mainly well known for one huge creation which was the bronze doors for the Baptistery of Florence.

Form a young age, Lorenzo was professional trained in being a goldsmith by his father Bartoluccio Ghiberti who at the time was a well known and respected goldsmith of Florence. In 1392, he was brought into the 'Silk and Gold' guild from which he continued his learning as an apprentice until 1398. This was when he passed his examination to become a guild master goldsmith. He took everything he learned and traveled to Rimini in 1400 to escape the plague which was in Florence at the time. From here he received further training as a painter and developed more and more of his skills.

The following year in 1401, Lorenzo started work for a commission that was sponsored by the Arte di Calimala (Cloth Importers Guild) which was to create a pair of bronze doors for the Baptistery of Florence, but there were another six artists which had also applied. Lorenzo won the commission through a trail piece that he presented which was of a bronze Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac. The doors were then created and designed to show scenes of the old testament and the new testament. There were many other bronze sculptures that he created and they can be seen around today.

This all came to an end in 1455 after Lorenzo passed away, but his reputation still lives. If you would like your own bronze sculpture, please browse through our range of sculptures in our catalogue.