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Louis de Monard

Bronze Sculptor 1873 - 1939

Louis de Monard was born at Autun and was born into a military family of Champagne. He became a painter and was an animal sculptor that casted many bronze sculptors of a wide variety of animals including birds. Louis studied at Autun and failed the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr. Throughout this time he learned new skills and progressed his artistic talent. In 1892, he joined the dragons to Dijon and was then released a year later. This was to be a part of the military and after he left, he spent a lot of his time divided between Autun and Marcheseuil.

His artistic talent started to develop as he began to sketch the nature around him and create masterpieces before being noticed by Froment. In 1897, he moved to Paris and attended the Montmartre of the Belle Epoque. This was where there was a period of time that showed social progress, economic growth and was a better period before the first world war.

His first expedition at the Salon of the Lyons Society of Fine Arts was in 1900. He progressed to exhibit his bronze sculptures and became part of the French Artists Society to which he donated to them in 1904. In 1905, he furthered himself in the society of art by joining the National Society of Fine Arts during the time that president Emile Loubet offers the Kind of Italy a work entitled The Irish Cob. Between 1907 and 1909, he sculpted a series of dogs with the name of 'Fox terrier turning a crab'.  He also created another 3 monumental pieces such as The hunt for Eagle in 1908; Memorial Airmen in 1912 and The Taking of Boar in 1913. In 1924, he erected another statue in Cahors called Centaur dancing and then went on to receive the prize Puvis in 1932.

He did end up going back to painting pictures of cats and other animals, but this all came to an end after his death on July 15th 1939. If you would like your own bronze sculptures, please take time to browse through our collection in our catalogue.