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Otto Jarl

Bronze sculptor 1856 - 1915

Otto Jarl was born in Upsala-Lan, Sweden, in 1856. He began his studies in Stockholm at the Technical School, under the tuition of Bjornstjerne Bjornson, and initially specialised in portrait sculptures. However, it was when he moved to Vienna that he changed his focus towards animal sculptures where he worked under Jos Weitmann before joining the Art Academy and studying under E. V. Hellmer and F. Schmidt.

Otto Jarl is best known for his animal sculptures and he created many models for Meissen in 1903 and 1904, as well as a variety of pieces for other porcelain companies in the early 1900s. Some of the work he produced for Meissen included a large Polar Bear, several dogs and a large Sea Lion. Known as one of the finest Austrian animal sculptors of his time, he lived most of his life in Vienna, Austria.

Mainly cast in bronze and cold painted in the Vienna bronze tradition, Jarl's sculptures are well modelled and known for being some of the most true to life. Some of his other pieces were cast in Swedish foundries with traditional brown patinas. One of his most famous bronze sculptures was the large seated lion monument to Major Hackher, who was the defender of the Grazer Castle mountain during the French siege in 1890.

Jarl's works are in the collections of the Stockholm National Museum, as well as several Viennese Museums. Jarl sadly passed away in Vienna, Austria, in 1915.