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Pierre Lenordez

Bronze sculptor 1815 - 1892

Pierre Lenordez was born in 1815 at Vaast, in the district of Manche, France. For most of his life he worked in a French city called Caen from where he built up his reputation and become very popular among the French Riviera. He joined a lot of the horse racing groups and he was given many commissions to do portraits in bronze of their own or favourite horses. His vast range of bronze sculptures was sometimes even used as racing trophies that would have the inscriptions of the races won by the subject.

Through the knowledge he had on horse anatomy and through training, he crafted many bronze horses with immaculate detail and they all had an exceptional finish. Whenever he finished a new horse bronze, it was signed and even sometimes there were additional inscriptions on the base in the form of a scroll. This would state the pedigree of the horse depicted or would show the races that it had won.

Pierre Lenordez had his first noted expedition at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1855 where he showed a wax model of a stallion entitled “The Baron”. Further from this, he continued to exhibit at the Salon in Paris throughout the rest of his career showing a range of his other sculptures. There isn’t much written or known about his personal life, but unfortunately passed away in 1892.

The exhibitions in the Salon included: a plaster model titled ‘Stallion and Brood Mare’ in 1861; a plaster model of a mare titled ‘The Post Horse’ in 1867; a terra-cotta statue titled ‘The Capitulation of Sedan’ in 1874; a plaster model and a bronze sculpture version of a hunter with mounted huntsman in 1876, and a bronzed plaster of an equestrian group titled ‘Sultan and Slave’ in 1877.

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