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Reginald E. Beauchamp

Bronze Sculptor 1910 - 2000

Reginald E. Beauchamp was an American sculptor that was born in London on December 8th 1910. He has created multiple bronze sculptures which can be found in different locations even today. These bronze sculptures include Penny Franklin (1971), Whispering Bells of Freedom (1976) and also created a bust of Connie Mack that sits in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Reginald immigrated to the United States when he was only two years old along with his family and then lived in Rensselaer, in New York, for five years. He then settled in Philadelphia after that. He didn't go straight into working with sculptures, but instead worked as the director of special events and then the head of public relations before working as personnel at the Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper from 1945 to 1975. Throughout this time, Reginald was also a part of various community groups.

When he moved onto creating the masterpieces that he is known for, he ended up creating twenty-five pieces of art, but not all of them were bronze sculptures. Some of his works were as follows:

  • Living Flame Memorial
  • Hero Mosaic
  • Vietnam Bronze War Memorial
  • Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Bronze sculpture of Dave Zinkoff
  • A plastic glass spire
  • Whispering Bells of Freedom

He crafted quite a few bronze sculptures which included his memorials, but also created a range of bas-reliefs for Civil War heroes, specifically one named George C. Platt. Throughout this time he crafted many bronze sculptures and used quite a few other variations of materials such as clay to craft other fine works of art. Unfortunately, this all came to an end following his death in 2000; a year after his wife passed away.

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