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Umberto Boccioni

Bronze Sculptor 1882 - 1916

Umberto Boccioni was an Italian sculptor, painter, writer and printmaker and became one of the main figures of the Italian Futurism movement. He was born in Reggio Calabria, in southern Italy in 1882. In his early years, he completed his school diploma at a local technical institute and from here he began working with local newspapers, creating many prints and etchings. In 1901, he moved to Rome and furthered his studies at the University of Fine Arts. Throughout his time in Rome, he came across Gino Severini who was an Italian painter and was becoming a leading member of the Futuristic movement.

Both Umberto and Gino became pupils of another artist named Giacoma Balla and from this, they both were able to learn new skills and techniques when creating art; including divisionism. They came across many other artists throughout their time in Rome. Umberto eventually left Rome to go to Paris and Venice to further his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti. This was for a brief time before he moved to Milan. In Milan, Umberto came across a city that didn't have too much old fashioned artistic systems which fitted him very well. This brought him to two other artists who taught him pointillism and symbolism. All of these skills he had learnt on his travels were what enabled him to be able to create a new form of modern art shown in his paintings and bronze sculptures.

Umberto is well known for only one bronze sculpture which is due to him passing away after falling off his horse during the First World War in 1916. This bronze sculpture was originally made from plaster, but was soon made into two different bronze casts, but kept its name which was 'Unique Forms of Continuity in Space' which was unveiled in 1913. This was a great addition to the history of art and became a well known piece. A lot of other sculptures that Umberto made were known about, but unfortunately were destroyed. They can only be seen in photos while the bronze sculptures are currently placed in two different locations.

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