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Victor Edmond Nicolas

Bronze sculptor 1906 - 1979

Victor Edmond Nicolas was born in Brignoles in 1906 and was the son of Nicolas Bertin and Victorine Tardieu. His father was a professor of mathematics in Mort pour la France and his mother was another teacher. He later got married to Josette Behar who was a sculptor and had graduated from Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts in Paris. This was a starting point in which he would progress to become an extraordinary French sculptor.

Victors education was at the college of Lorgues from where he then progressed to a high school of Toulon. He was able to receive a scholarship from the artists society in Toulon due to the standard of his work. He made spectacular sculptures in which he made out of a range of materials. Some of his pieces were done using plaster and marble, but there was one bronze sculpture which he created that was unfortunately destroyed during the German occupation.He graduated from the Ecole nationale superieure des arts decoratifs himself and he managed to win eight medals between 1924 to 1926.

Throughout his lifetime, he was also a three-time winner at the Paris Salon with an honourable mention in 1929; a bronze medal in 1933 and a silver medal in 1934. He had his own studio in Montmeyan from where he created many monuments and busts of a range of subjects. 

All of this come to an end following his passing in 1979. His wife continued living on until 2011 before she unfortunately passed away as well. 

He created quite a few different sculptures and they are as follows:

  • Monument dedicated to Jean Aicard, jardin Alexandre 1er, Toulon, 1931 (this was the bronze sculpture that was destroyed by the Germans during the occupation)
  • Tribute to the Unknown Soldier, plaster bas-relief, Prize Roux of the Institut de France, Paris, 1933
  • Fisherman pulling in his net, plaster statue, prize Chenavard of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Paris, 1933
  • Jacques Bonhomme, plaster statue, silver medal of the Salon des artistes français, Paris, 1934
  • Monument dedicated to Raynouard, white marble bust, place Saint-Pierre, Brignoles, 1937
  • Selected for the creation of a monument dedicated to Général François Mireur, Escragnolles, under the chairmanship of Paul Landowski, 1939
  • First prize in the national competition for the erection of an equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in Nice, 1943
  • The Tragedy and The Dance, two monumental statues in the open air theater, jardin Albert 1er, Nice, 1947
  • Monument dedicated to Emilie Morel, La Martre, 1947
  • Bas-relief dedicated to the poet Charles Calais, Nice, 1948
  • Monument dedicated to the heroes and martyrs of the Bessillon, Pontevès, 1949
  • Fresco of the Saint-Maur school, Toulon, 1963

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